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I am either gonna f**k my mom and two step sisters or…

So I have an issue. My dad passed away two years ago. I am my sole care giver for his wife, my step mom. Here lately she has been more needy and has a bunch of things I need to take care of for her that she really could handle herself.

I am provide for all of her needs. I pay her bills, and take care of all the business she needs handled. Well today I snapped. I listened to almost 2 hours of bitching about how things were not going right.

I finally said, I already feed you, and finance you, but I’m not fucking you so why are all of your problems mine to deal with. To which the reply was “my legs are always open”.

After that she took off her shirt and pants. I didn’t quite know how to respond, but my dick did, and got rock hard without my consent. I ended up fucking her 4 times this afternoon. She had her first orgasm in over thirty years and three more followed it.

Some serious sex happened. I have already been called tonight by her two daughters, they will be down to visit this weekend. I guess she called them after the f**k fest ended this afternoon and told them. I have been told by them to be there when the arrive Saturday morning. I am either gonna f**k my mom and two step sisters in some wierd group sex thing or go to jail. Wish me luck yall,


  1. Rest in pepperonis, my friend. I don’t think they will fuck you, so you are in big trouble.

  2. I wish you lots of luck, and great success!!
    Like they say, “Incest is best!”

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