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My parents keep impelling me to only study

My parents keep impelling me to only study, but no one wants to listen to me feelings.

I agree they have allotted 2 to 4 hours of free time but some days they even ignore me and scold me when I do not study.

Thus I have begun using my hone privately and when I am caught I get more scolded.

I sometimes even tried to make them understand how you could expect someone to study the complete day without break.

Thus I have begun to wander more and more far away from my studies. I am a good scholar, even they admire it but they just do not want me to have free time.

I want a lover of food too. I just love nicely cooked food.

My mother even knows that but she prepare it according to her own ease and thus make it completely different. I am distressed of my life, I just need someone with whom I can share my day to day feelings just like Arjun had Lord Krishna who always told him what is right.

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