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I can see ghosts

Hi, Im Emily! This is my story about how I can see ghost.

I was born into a unusual family. My great-grandpa was a full blooded Indian witch my mom always told me that they was always able to see ghost.

The scariest ghost I’ve ever seen was when I was 6, and I would like to share my story about her. It was a hot sunny day when I was playing with my neighbour from across the street. I told her I was thirsty, “okay” she said as she went inside to get fruit punch.

Like a normal 6-year-old I kept playing with the toys. When she cam back out I looked up at her smiling, as she cam down the stairs I my eyes flowed her footsteps There it sat staring right in my eyes. I screamed, the demon smiled at me while my neighbour looked at my confused. I ran to my house there she was again, the long black hair covering her black eyes and smiling so big like she was gonna kill me.

I was shaking and crying, she reached her hand out form under the porch steps and asked in a whispering voice “Do you wanna be my friend?” She said now smiling wide showing her sharp pointy teeth. “NO!!” I screamed out now falling on my knees.

My mom ran out to see me siting on my knees on the dirt. “What happened!?!” I explained everything she told me to forget about it. A few weeks had past my mom and my sister got into a fight, she was 9 at the time, as normal my mom sent her to her room.

Next thing I know my sister comes flying out her room shaking and crying told my mom and described the same thing I saw. After that we where scared. One time me,my mom, and my 2 older sisters (who are 9 and 12), where praying my dog was sleeping in between us then has we got to “deliver us from evil” we heard a growl my dogs head shot up looking at my door.

We said it another 3 times then we fell asleep. Well that is much as I can remember… Well I’m 13-years-old now. I cut all doors off to seeing ghost, demons, or Angels. I can still hear them and feel them though.. Have you ever experienced something like this??

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