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In this broken moment I realised

In this broken moment
I realised that the light of my life
Was the force beating me
When I was already on the ground

The warm teacup
The scarf that smelled like him
The I love you
Was just the rope that held me beside him

And you ask
Did he find another?
But this cuts deeper than that
He left me to fight in my nightmares alone

Said to be quiet
Said to leave it to myself
Said that he is happy
Even if I‘m drowning in my tears…

Said he tries but did he..
Said he cares but did he
Does he care if he says to hold it to myself
To drown while he tears my heart in pieces

And all I did
Was ask for a compliment
But he said that he isn‘t perfect
And this is too much to ask for

But I will come back
Because his his sorries
Mean that he will be better
Or at least did

Sorry , I needed that, just was writing something when this occured, so this is just a story but looks like a poem i guess


  1. If you have time – you will enjoy “Black Swan Green” a novel by David Mitchel. I am particularly fond of the audiobook – reead by Kirby Heybourne. XO

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