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We were “loud” at work

I started working for a large company when I was 17. I worked 10 to 6 AM. I had no life so the hours were great.

A year later the company rearranged things and left 4 of us on graveyard and a supervisor.
Why we had a supervisor on that shift was beyond me.

So there are 2 women and 2 guys on the shift, and the female supervisor.
One week the supervisor is gone for vacation and the other guy is gone too. The other lady seemed to call in sick Monday night.

It was August hot, humid and that time is was 85 at 9pm. I decided to wear something light. I put on the shortest skirt I had and a light top with a thin matching bra.

I got to work and no one is there but this guy and I.
With nothing to do we were talking, and I had inadvertently put my feet on my desk edge and my butt was showing and he looked over and smiled, and said nice color.
It didn’t bother me that he looked, I giggled a little and said “at least the match my skirt.”

This kind of made me feel good that he looked, so when I took them off the desk, I sat with my legs open and my all of 8 inch skirt pulled up a little. It felt good to do this.

He was looking a little closer and I was getting turned on.
I left to go pee and when I pulled my panties down it felt so good. When I was don I pulled them up, then pulled them down and took them off. I thought to my self “I better sit a little different.”

By the time I walked down the hall and got back to the office, I was hot, I mean horny hot.

Without thinking, I took my panties and threw them at him and said “Like em?”

He looked at me and sniffed them and stood up. We walked into each other and started kissing like mad. We were clawing at each other and got naked right there.

As we grind-ed on each other I said lets do it on the 2nd floor patio. It was a fantasy of mine. It was a nice patio.

We kissed and took the elevator down the one floor and ran out there and threw some chair cushions and he jumped on me. I was getting loud and it was funny, there was no one around for a mile.
A little ways into it he asked if he could cum in me. We were both so hot and wet I just grabbed him harder and said “you fucking better.” Then he fucked my brains out.

After we did it we lied there and fooled around then did it again. We went back up stairs and played with each other the rest of the night till 4 AM. We figured we needed to get dressed and we had a quickie before we did.

I slipped my panties on and some time later people began to show up. It was time for us to leave and when I got up I thought “note to self, “don’t wear a thong when you are full of cum.” I walked out and my butt was wet, and my legs were too. No one noticed but it was fun.

The next night we slipped out because the other girl was there, we went to the patio and I was a little quieter. This time I didn’t wear any panties, but I used a tampon to hold it in me. We had a good lunch.

This went on for a month. The one night we were on the patio, in the back, the darkest part, even with the lights off. We were naked and he was in me, the we heard voices. We cot up to peek and we saw our supervisor and the other guy on the other side of the patio. He was doing her up ageinst the wall.

We went back at it and just after he came in me and was getting off, they were both standing there.

I was like AAHH, and my supervisor just looked and said “you are loud.” We all laughed and went back up stairs.

Later she came over and gave me a number on a card. She said when it gets cold out this is the door code for the empty office room 312. Then we both looked at each other and smiled.

We timed it when we used the room in the winter, but one night we went paying attention. We walked in and they were already on the floor, He and I were so horny and he had my pants half down. My supervisor just said, “come join us.” we did and I had never had sex next to another couple. We were getting banged and she reached out and held my hand. It was kinda erotic. After they were done filling us, she told the guys to leave her and I were having a girl talk.
We were laying there naked and she looked at me and said, “ are you two dating?” I said “no just sex.”

She put her hand on my thigh and said she was bisexual. I smiled and didn’t move her hand but told her “I was curious.”

She bent over and kissed my cum filled pussy and gave it a lick. She said ”one day we should have lunch.”
I looked between her legs and wanted to do the same but was hesitant. She laid back and said “it’s OK if you don’t want to.”

The urge was so strong I bent down and licked her filled pussy a few times. Then we went back to work. Her and I had a few meetings and some wild lesbian sex.

We all eventually went different ways except my lover and I. We started dating got married, 3 kids, and fuck all the time. I love the panties I threw at him.

SH 35 married 15 years.

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