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COVID Time With Mum

The names have been changed so nobody knows who we are. (Grin)

The pandemic and stay at home restrictions left my mom and I home together almost all the time. My name is Greg, and sent home from college to be with my single mother Sherry. At forty two she is in great shape looking at least ten years younger than she really is. I am also in great shape having played both football and basketball in high school. My mom is divorced, but she has a boyfriend. I’m not in any sports in college, but I have a very pretty girlfriend who also has a great body. We have been having regular sex at college for about six months. My mom and her boyfriend have been going out for a a few months longer I think.

Needless to say after three weeks, we were both horny and missing our sexual partners. I must admit that in my early teens in puberty I would jack-off imagining I was having sex with my very sexy mom. She has such a great body for my preferences. Slim, tits that aren’t huge, but more than a handful. Still firm, nicely round, dark red circles the size of half dollars, with nipples the slightly bigger around than a pencil almost a half inch long. Nice hips and a tight bubble butt. My mom shaves for a bikini, but still has a fair amount of brown bush. I’m twenty, tall, muscular, with a thick, seven inch dick myself. As we both began noticing each other in ways other than a mother and son should do since we we both so horny, we started wearing less and less around the house.

For time sake, and not sure if this will even post, after having some drinks, passionate kissing, and my fondling my mom’s great tits, we ended up in her bed naked together. We didn’t even need oral sex since we were both so horny. My mom’s pussy was very wet, my dick so hard it hurt, we didn’t waste any time. My mom spread her legs wide, sliding her feet back toward her ass raising her knee’s into the air. I looked at her smiling face, her tits with nipples hard and poking out proudly. I moved between her legs looking at her tempting pubic triangle. I moved my hard dick so it’s head was against my mom’s warm wet slit, before parting her lips and slowly pushing into the warm snug depths of her pussy.

“Oh Greg, you are so big, push it all the way in,” my mom moaned. “I can’t believe how tight you are mom, you feel so good,” I replied. “We are a perfect fit Greg, just as your head is touching my cervix, your pelvic bone is touching my clitoris,” my mom said with a deep sigh. I start pulling back until just my head remained in her pussy, before thrusting it hard back inside. “Faster honey, I need it hard, and fast,” my mom nearly shrieked out. “I’ll be glad too, I want to pound your pussy like you haven’t had it pounded before,” I groaned as my dick started slamming into my mom like a piston.


  1. Oh fuck yes I wanna fuck my mom so much I fondled her yrs ago but i wanna cum in her body and fuck her mouth her beat girlfriend let me suck her pussy when I was younger my first was a 30 something blond with big tits and I imagined I . was my mommy

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