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My mother was very attractive

When I was 12 year old, and my father would go out of town, my mother started asking me to sleep with her.

My mother was very attractive, slender and had been a former dancer. This was in the summer time.

When my father was away she would wear a sheer baby doll negligee to bed without any panties. I could see through it and see her breast, nipples and her vagina.

It was very erotic for an always horny 12year old boy. The first time we went to bed, she cuddled into me spoon style with her butt against my groin.

I got an immediate erection. It was pressing against her sexy butt. I was still awake and embarrassed not knowing what to do. She appeared to be sleeping as she was slightly snoring.

Her right hand slowly reached around and she put it around my penis and started caressing it.

It got harder and harder. I then couldn’t control myself and rolled over to where I was on top of her.

She still had her eyes closed by was smiling. She took my penis and guided it inside of her. She was the first woman I every put in penis in.

We then started having sex. It was the first time I came also. I didn’t know what was happening.

She woke up and kissed me on the lips. This went on until I was 14 whenever dad would leave town. She and I never spoke about it.

The next day after the first time she was up and about like nothing happened . And then at night, in her bed we had sex again. I started feeling really guilty and finally told her I didn’t want to sleep with her when it was just the two of us alone.

She seemed really mad. Always after that she would complain about girls I dated and even my wife she didn’t like…

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