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My dreams are shattered

I always had a dream to study in prestigious institution but I’m average student and also not financially good. I’ve never made my parents proud so my dream was that to make them proud so I decided to study MBA and be investment banker.

So I started preparing for CAT there I scored 88 percentile. Now I was happy I’ll go to metro city and study make my future and be idol.

But nothing happened as I thought my family was unable to collect huge amount for admission and living expenses so I have no options left. My family said that wait for 1 year and then we’ll save and then you can study but I thought that again I’ve to go for coaching and 10k for exams so I dropped the idea and then I started preparing for BHU for PG from last year and I had put all my efforts to pass the entrance with flying colours and make my parents proud and happy because it’s not costly and they can easily afford it.

I left everything for BHU my friends as they were laughing at my condition and preparing hard.

Now the day arrived of Entrance and I was confident and happy but when I saw the paper I was shocked….. not a single question came according to me. I was disappointed. My family thinks I’ll clear my exam and they have confidence and I am not able to face them. I am sad….

Don’t know what to do. My dreams are shattered I am just laying at my bed like a dead fish crying and guilty and feeling sorry for my parents that once again I failed to make them proud.

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