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My Sexy neighbour & how I lost my Virginity

I was around fifteen years old when I lost my virginity. It is an amazing story on how I lost it. So it was summer when the holidays had begun. Everyday I used to masturbate in bathroom after watching porn in my laptop.

So one day I rushed into the bathroom unable to control. I forgot to close he window (the window is adjacent to the stairs which led to the balcony). So my neighbour (she was very hot, her booty were like two planets, she used to wear yoga tights and her boobs were awesome, she was around thirty-five years old, her husband was not in home most of the time and she didn’t have kids) was going upstairs to dry the clothes. I was seated on the commode and saw her and I jerked immensely.

This became a habit. I used to wait every day and used to jerk heavily after seeing her. I was never noticed until one day when I didn’t notice her and I stood up. Then she saw me completely naked. She was shocked for a moment and so was I. Then she walked away. Next day I went to her when my parents were out to apologize. But suddenly when I entered her house I saw her partial naked where I could see her boobs shaking and also the butt crack.

She said me to have a seat and made me lemonade. She said it was okay and also said it was common in adolescence. Then she went to the kitchen. While coming back she slipped and had a sprain on her left foot. I carried her to the bedroom. I asked her if I could massage her foot. She agreed readily. I started to massage her feet.

She said that she also felt pain on the hamstring so she removed her pants. My cock started to get hard. I then started to massage her legs. Then a moment came where I could reach her inner thighs. Then I was able to feel her wet pussy. Then I thought that what I was doing was not correct so I stood up and asked her sorry.

She caught my hand and placed it on her boobs. I was having a boner. She stripped naked in front of me. Then she gave me the condom.

I became an animal and threw my clothes away. I fucked her continuously for more than an hour in which I came more than five times. She kissed me. She gave an awesome blowjob which I would never forget in my life. Then I anal fucked her.

She was moaning loudly so I started to play music. I face fucked her. She also licked my balls and g-spot. We enjoyed it a lot. We were sweating like hell. We slept for about an hour and then she woke me up and said that her husband was about arrive.

I dressed up and ran. Her husband was a total jerk and he used to always scream on her. She then divorced him and he happened to leave the city. Whenever my parents were out I used to go to her house and try something new.

We played games like truth or dare, in which revealed that her husband was infertile. She also said that she had sex couple of times before getting married. We were getting wild and dirty every time. We also had shower many a times together. I also happened to shave her pussy once. My eyes used to get stretched to see her beautiful pussy.

She also had my cum with tacos. I used to lick her pussy like hell. We also took naked selfies.

This all happened between two years of span. So once my parents decided to go on a vacation. So I was excited that their will be no one in home for about a week. I said this to my neighbour and she was exited to. So the day had come. My parents left and I started to have fun. We fucked day and night. We didn’t even care, anytime, anywhere. I fucked her in kitchen, bathroom, store room, on the couch. We fucked more than seven times a day. The third day I didn’t use condom and I came inside her. It was so amazing. She licked my whole body and I too didn’t any of her parts.

We also had sex in our balcony. We also watched porn movies together. And I also knew every part of her body, from the mole one her pussy to the mole beside her left nipple. So we continued till the last date. We also went to park and we kissed many times. More than I can remember. She used to smell very good. So after four-five months shifted to other state, on the last day she said that she had a great time with me and she is never gonna forget this moments in her life.

I miss her many times. Now I am twenty four and this was all about how I lost my virginity…


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