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I love you Jesus

I want to share with you all the blessings showered upon me by my lord Jesus Christ since many years. I wasn’t able to understand it then, but Jesus Christ always saved me and my family from disease and evil.

Even more, I suffered from a variety of ailments since the start of this year 2020, like Anxiety, palpitations, depression, rhabdomyolysis, stomach problems and some other physical and mental issues, but my LORD JESUS along with the prayers of MOTHER MARY and St. Anthony, was always with me and made me win the fights against my problems. This brought me more close to Him and I really believe in the power of prayer, Bible, Rosary now than before.

I’d like to share this story of mine with you all so that even you can realise the power of God and go to Him for everything and anything and receive his blessings.

I love you Jesus, Mother Mary and all the saints and angels for keeping me and my family safe and healthy always.

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