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I am eighteen and the girl I like is thirteen

I am eighteen and the girl I like is thirteen and I don’t know if I should keep messing around with or cut things off because I am falling for her really hard 😉


  1. Just find a girl your own age, I know that’s a bummer knowing she’s a teen.
    But you got to move on from her, I know this, I was a 14 year old kissing a 5 year old. And the next thing I knew was the both of us naked.

  2. I feel that it would be better if you would wait for both you and the kid. That’s what she is. A kid. A five year difference will be nothing in another decade, but right now it could dramatically change both of your lives for the worst. Do not be mad at me for the advice, but the girl could become pregnant, and even if not, you could get into serious legal trouble. Wait eight or ten years to build a life.

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