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So, I wanted to meet my friends in the n …

So, I wanted to meet my friends in the next suburb, and my parents wouldn’t take me, so I had to catch the bus which my brother gave me directions on what to do. So I hoped on the bus, only to realised it’s going the wrong way. Opps. So the bus driver said to hop off here, and another bus will come a long soon and take you back.

So I waited for the bus. One eventually came and I hoped on. It was the bus same driver on the way back. So she took me to the trainstation where I would catch the train to my final destination and meet my friend. The train was delayed, so we decided to catch the bus. Found the bus, hoped on, and it was the same driver again. She said, yes, I am going to where you want to go.

So, I caught the bus three times to get to my destination, and it was the same bus the whole time. Man I make things harder than it actually is.

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