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After reading this article in the paper …

After reading this article in the paper, it’s about a teenager who got sent a picture of a few topless, under age girls. A couple of months later, the police took his phone and computer off him to prove his innocents for a girl claiming he attacked her.

Police found the image sent in the past, charged him for possessing child porn and put him on the sex-offenders list for 8 years.

What sort of world do we live in where criminals get off scot free, while an innocent person has his life destroyed – as he now faces depression.

So for all those teenage girls, if you want to get back at your ex-boyfriend, take a photo of yourself, call the cops and tell them that your ex-boyfriend has child porn, then send him the image.

If he hurts you, he will get a slap on the risks, send him a topless photo and he’ll go to Jail.

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