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Mom afforded to take me to Six Flags for sucking dick

My mom has been wanting to go to Florida for awhile to see her sister, but we haven’t had the money for awhile so we couldn’t go.

This week she has been getting a lot of money out of nowhere like she has been taking me to Six Flags which is quite expensive and so out of my curiosity I asked her “How are you getting all this money”, she said “From your dad” (she is talking about my step-dad my brothers dad).

My mom has been in a very abusive relationship with my step-dad for 6 YEARS and all they do is have sex.

One time I was watching Tiktok on my step-dads phone so I was saving a video on his phone to send to mine and when I went to photos to send the video me I saw a bunch of videos of my mother sucking my step-dads dick. I was so disgusted.

So out of MORE CURIOSITY I went through their messages and I saw texts from my step-dad to my mom saying “How about every time you suck my dick you get two-hundred dollars” my mom responded with “How about a gang bang and make it four-hundred a dick I suck” my step-dad said ” Deal we do this for two months and that’s it” They would close their door and I hear their moans and the bed squeaking and its so disgusting I want to run away but I don’t know what to do because my birthday is tomorrow and they don’t know I know their stuff.


  1. wow what a story, thats pretty traumitizing, i mean honestly you either stick it out till you have a full on plan cuz other than the fact that its gross, is this enviroment stopping you from getting to where you want to be? really ponder that, because running away is a lot more challenging arguably more so then dealing with gross sex shit that your parents do, then again i dont know the severity of their relationship with you, maybe they are abusive to you in which case my opinion here is not valid.

    i wish you goodluck on future endeavors!
    yours truly,
    Fool On The Hill

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