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When I was 12, I let my two brothers fuck me

I come from a family with 2 girls and 5 boys.

My parents where very religious and strict on my sister and me, but the boys could do no wrong. One night when I was 12 or 13 I woke up with someone in bed with me rubbing my back under my pajama top.

I lay very still when I realized it was my 16 year old brother. I pretended to still be asleep because what he was doing felt so good. In a little while he slide his hand into my bottoms and was rubbing my ass which also felt very good.

Then he started sliding my pajama bottoms down very slowly until they were at my ankles then he went back to my ass for awhile.

Now I knew nothing about sex at this age so I let him start playing with my pussy and it felt wonderful, he then begin to slowly push on me until I rolled over still pretending to be a sleep.

He may have known I wasn’t asleep.

He then eased my pajamas the rest of the way off and before I knew what was happening he was on top of me moving his hips and moving my legs apart and that’s when I felt a sharp pain and he was inside of me.

He lay still for a second then started fucking me.

I had no idea what fucking was because I had never heard of it but I knew what he was doing was starting to feel really good.

He fucked me for a few minutes then got very still and stiff I didn’t know at the time what cum was or where babies came from all I knew was it felt good.

Then he got up and left my room without saying a word.

Well for the next two weeks he came to my room late at night and fucked me.

Well one day me and my 18 year old brother where at home alone and I starting wondering how it would feel to let him fuck me.

I came up with a plan I went and took a quick bath and left the bath room with only a towel on.

He was in his room so I went in and ask him a question and while he was answering I pretended to drop my towel by accident he looked at me for a long second then without a word he pushed me down on the bed pulled his pants down then pushed my legs apart and pushed his hard dick in me and began fucking me. He had a larger dick than my other brother and it felt great.

My brothers fucked me for several months until I found out that was the way people had babies.

They tried to fuck me many more times but I said no.

I’m not sure if they knew the other brother was fucking me also they never said.

Later on I did a lot of fucking.


  1. you should have offered your ass instead? or get the pill? or just screw with it and take the risk.

  2. Hmmm, soo hot. You should have let them have you furthermore, but talk your mum into allowing you the pill. (or just set the boys to fuck mum instead)

  3. I wonder if they kept you from sex ed classes at school but never bothered to teach you themselves.

    I hope you enjoyed the sex later on in a healthy way and not as a mode of selfdestruction.

    The problem with being sheltered (this is me too) is that when we finally have sex we feel guilt or see ourselves as dirty.

  4. this story is faker than my girls’ boobs and I just made her up right now

  5. That’s actually crazy but I fucked my cousin so I can’t say anything

  6. I don’t know about that I know my sister and I got along really, really good when we were younger about 10 or eleven, and my sister could give the best d*** b****** in the world. Her and her friend for best friend. We would have 3 Simpson. We wouldn’t invite another guy over my buddy. And we would swap out my sister would suck like a rabbit. So what a best friend I watched my wife f***** brother one night being drunk and wired. That’s a lot of s*** man. It’s just fun. It’s hot when it’s happening.

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