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Ever since I was caught in my mums pink panties

Ever since I was caught in my mums pink panties, tan tights and pink open toed fluffy slippers when I twelve years old, my teens were very humiliating.

Not only did I get spanked for wearing her clothes but she invited my cousin and aunt over too see me like this, was very embarrassing them both laughing at me and calling me a sissy, from then on mum used to dress me as punishment in front of family and friends so as you can imagine I was quite the laughing stock everyone knowing at school, mum even took me shopping to try on a pink dress and pink heels to go with my white tights and pink panties for my thirteenth birthday party

I had to answer the door to everyone my mates, my family and my mates mums ,lots of laughter from everyone and towards the end of the party i was put over mums knee for a birthday spanking but it was on my bare bottom and thirteen very hard slaps from mum it was so humiliating never lived that down

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