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I wore my sisters cheerleading clothes

I loved stealing my little sister’s bras and panties from the clothes hamper and wearing them and admiring myself in the mirror while jacking off.

Just the feel of the material against my hard little dick was very erotic.

One day when my parents were out of town and I knew that my sister was at cheerleader practice, I boldly went into her room and began to try on her bras and panties and even some skirts and tops.

My mother had several wigs in the top of her closet that she never wore, and I took a blonde one and was wearing it too.

I actually had on my sister’s pale pink bra and matching panties and some pantyhose, and I was putting some of her lipstick on while looking at myself in her mirror.

My hard little cock was sticking straight out from where I had pulled down the panties and hose and I would periodically give it a few tugs. As soon as I finished the lipstick to my satisfaction, I grabbed my dick and began to jerk it while moving seductively around the room. I was blissfully on the very verge of an orgasm when the bedroom door opened, and my little sister and two of her cheerleader friends walked in on me.

I found out later that practice had to be cancelled. All that I could do was run and lock myself in her bathroom while they laughed and pounded on the door. I did not come out until long after the two friends had left, I begged my sister not to tell anyone, and she didn’t, but her two friends told just about everybody at our school.

My sister gradually came to understand my need to crossdress, and over time she became okay with it and even encouraged me.


  1. I would love to hook up with you and get all dolled up to out in public dinner except … Then watch eachother strip down to our sexy lingerie and started rubbing and stroking eachother cocks
    Until were throbbing hard.

  2. I remember when becoming a teenager I loved to wear my moms pantyhose and heels. Something about the pantyhose that was so addictive. When I outgrew the heels I continued to wear pantyhose whenever I got the urge and still do to this day. My wife don’t mind and told me she knows it’s thing for a lot of guys. She told me about the time she caught her younger brother wearing her pantyhose, shoes and dress once.

  3. I tried on my older sisters pantyhose and got hooked on the spot. It brought masturbating to a whole new level and I wore her and my moms pantyhose every time I was home alone. I also wore their heels too but once I outgrew them I stopped wearing them. To this day I still love wearing pantyhose and having fun with my wife.

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