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I almost asked my 5 year old sister to lick my pussy

So. Hi. I’m Lilly. I’m not telling my real name. I live in Florida and wanna have sex.

The problem is, I’m 12. and I wanna have lesbian sex. So I need help. I watch porn and masturbate and hide stuff from my parents.

My pussy is actually limp and saggy from cumming twice a day. I need to pieces of advice: one: how do I stop this addiction! and two: how do I get my saggy pussy to be healthy again! also I almost asked my 5 year old sister to lick my pussy. What the fuck is wrong with me!?!??!

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  1. If you actually almost asked your 5 YEAR OLD sister to do something like that, you need serious help. You’re 12, you’re young, you like girls or just want to experiment. That’s all okay, sexuality doesn’t have to be set in stone, especially that young. Just don’t push yourself to have intercourse at an age like this is all I’m gonna say. And for gods sake, do not put your little sister through something like that or any child for that matter. As for stopping your addiction, my advise would be to find something like a hobby, something you enjoy. Go outside and draw something, listen to music, anything really. Remember that you are in control of your own life and actions. You are capable of change, and the way to change doesn’t have to be flawless. Every little step is a step closer to your goal, no matter how little it may seem or how many times you slip up. Wish you well

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