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Hi everyone! I need some advice!

Hi everyone! I need some advice! I’m a 25 year old woman living with my boyfriend and 11 year old brother.

My mom sent him to live with me after her new husband kicked him out. My brother is a good kid but he likes getting into trouble. He didn’t get along with his stepdad and he’s done some stuff at school but he likes my bf and they spend a lot of time together.

My brother recently got into some trouble at his new school and the cops were called and he got suspended for a couple of weeks. My bf had an idea awhile ago that I thought was pretty crazy at first but I’ve been giving it some more thought lately.

He grown up in Turkey and says my brother’s behavior is normal for boys his age in Turkey and wouldn’t get him into trouble over there because it’s seen as a sign of youth that boys grow out of. Which is where his idea comes in. In Turkey boys are circumcised when they’re around my brother’s age but they don’t do it at a hospital or doctor’s office and they don’t use anything to numb the boys.

It’s considered a way for the boys to prove they’ve grown up. But that’s not what my bf’s parents told him when they had him circumcised. They told him he was being punished and made sure he knew how painful it would be. He says he never misbehaved after that. He knows a guy from Turkey who knows how to do it and won’t ask for a lot of money.

I didn’t even know my brother wasn’t circumcised until my bf mentioned it (they shower together) but I do know our younger brother is (my mom had him with her new husband and I’ve changed his diapers) and I asked her why she never circumcised my brother and she told me she couldn’t afford it when he was born but would’ve done it if she could.

She says it’s my choice to make but it’s probably no worse than the spankings shes given me and my brother (she uses a hair brush) and if it doesn’t cost a lot I should have it done. I looked into how much it would cost to have it done at a doctor’s office and there’s no way I can afford it. And my bf really believes this would encourage my brother to stay out of trouble. What do you guys think, is this a good idea?


  1. Male genital mutilation is neither necessary for any reason nor is it a suitable form of punishment for any reason. Try offering yourself to your brother. Once he’s addicted to your pussy then you’ll have complete control over him. Use love not pain.

  2. BTW, the traditional culture of the Turks is pretty barbaric and not something that should be emulated.

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