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I was 14 year old horny young boy.

I was 14 year old horny young boy.

I house sat for several of my friends when they were out of town. My 2 fav were my best friend Phils, his mom was very hot and had 36c tits,I know because I raided her lingerie drawer when ever they went out of town.

While checking the house and watering the plants I WOULD MAKE A BEELINE TO HIS PARENTS BEDROOM.

Tthe 2nd and 3rd drawer contained his sexy 34 yoa moms sexy bras and panties . HIS MOM HAD LOTS OF BLACK AND RED LACE fredricks of hollywood bras and panties

She wore size 6 panties and 36c push up and front hook bras. SHE HAD SEVERAL PAIRS OF CROTCHLESS RED OR BLACK LACE PANTIES and several babydoll nighties.

I would dress up in her lingerie and masturbate laying on his parents king size bed while going through their nude photos I found in the bed side drawer.

I also found several vibrators and small dildoes in her drawer as well.

When I would spend the night his mom would parade around in the morning in a sheer nightie, no bra and sometimes no panties while sitting at the table drinking coffee. ONCE I SAW BETWEEN HER THIGHS AND REALIZED SHE WAS COMPLETELY SHAVED. Wowie.

I would sneak into her bath room and sniff her well worn black lace panties and cum all over myself,cummmmmmmmmmmmm.

My other neighbour had a sexy 40 yoa mom and 2 teen sisters. I would raid their pantie drawers and find worn panties in the laundry. BOTH DAUGHTERS WORE MAINLY BOY SHORTS AND STRING BIKINIS, MOM AS WELL I WOULD STEAL BLACK LACE PANTIES TO take home from the very back of the drawer so they would not be missed.

I would masturbate nightly wearing there cute lacey bikini panties and squirt my sticky wet cum all over my chest.

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