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One day my daughter got in the car with no panties

One day my daughter got in the car after school. When she did her uniform skirt flipped up and I was starring at her bald pussy. I asked where her white panties were.

She said a boy in her class payed her $10 for them. Playing dumb I asked why? She said he loved the smell of them. I said what smell with a puzzled look and then she swiped her wet pussy with her finger and put it under my nose before I could say anything. I almost crashed! Dumbfounded I smiled and said oh, it does smell nice sweetheart!

Then drive home with a major hard-on.

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  1. I really wish my daughter would have done that to me but I would have pulled over and made her give me a good smell and a taste of her sweet pussy before I shoved my dick on her and fucked her hard.and cake on her pussy

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