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My Nan used to take me to the swimming baths

When I was about fourteen, my Nan used to take me to the swimming baths. They were open air and the changing rooms were just a row of joined huts at one end made of wood, so you could see peoples feet. I used to go into one hut and my Nan in the one next door.

My Nan was a large woman with massive breasts and I always thought about them and on this particular day there was a hole in the wood so I could peak through to where she was changing. I could barely believe my eyes. She just took everything off until only her bra and knickers remained. I was so hard. And then she called across to me, are you changed it? I said no and stripped but could not take my eyes off the hole as she took off her bra. Her breasts were huge with nipples large and brown. I could not help myself, I started to rub my cock which was erect.

I had to stop myself from groaning out loud but even then I was still making noises, I was certain she could hear me. Then she took her knickers off. She was facing the hole, I could see everything. Her pussy was not at all hairy, but the lips were large.

I remember she turned away from the hole and bent over to pick up her swimming costume. I looked straight at her round bottom and her pussy lips. I was struggling not to come. The she turned back and the sight of her breasts again made me cum. A huge stream of semen hit the thin wall between us and I let out a several loud groans.

I froze. My Nan was staring straight at the hole. Are you finished? she asked me in a normal voice, not angry or surprised or anything. All I could say was, yes Nanny. She then said good boy, clean yourself up and let’s go for our swim. But all I had was my towel or clothes to clean myself up with. I think she knew this and said, use these. She then threw her knickers through the gap at the top and I used them to wipe off my penis and all the spunk.

Once finished she said, now throw them back, and I did. Then she said, Right let’s go for our swim, and we did.

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