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I am in a sexual relationship with my mom

I am in a sexual relationship with my mom

I love her so muchexSo I was twenty one. My mom was forty two, she was attractive, nice boobs a huge ass and nice legs. When I was younger I stole my moms underwear and humped my 3 pillows with them on. I am a pillow humped. One day when I was twenty one I was spying on my mom in the shower jerking off when she turned around and saw me. She said my name, well lets just call me Jack. She said Jack are you jerking off to me. I nodded, she then look down and saw the size of my cock. She then said wow its big, do you mind if I suck on it. I said yes. She bent down and began to suck. She then got on the bed and spread out her legs. She said Jack come and fuck me like a man. Forgot to add that when I was five my mom and dad got divorced and she has been super horney since.

I then said, mom I can be a man. She then said then what are you waiting for fuck me. I then inserted my dick into her pussy.

It was my first time having sex since I did not have the guts to ask a girl. My mom started to moan.

Some reason my dick felt like it was going to explode so I went faster. my mom then said oh my god, this feels so good fuck. Then I said hey mom can I fuck you up your ass. At this point I grab her tits hard.

She then said yes very loudly. I took out my dick and stuck it up her huge ass. Her ass at first was tight but I managed to move my dick back and fourth.

My mom loved this, it went on for what felt like ten minutes. I then told her I was about to cum and she said to cum up her mouth. I quick took my dick and and went over her mouth with it and cum in her mouth. She liked my cum a lot.

I then said, that was fucking amazing mom. My mom then looked at me and said, now that were fucking each other do not call me mom. She then told me to call her by her real name lets just say it was Emily.

My mom and me then made out and took a shower together.

The next day we started farting on each others faces and sharing the same toothbrushes.

I love Emily, I know what the comments will say I read reddit sex stories before you all are going to say gross.

Well we still have sex we are a couple. I love her so much, when we are not having sex we still hold hands and make out.

I just decided to share this because I need to get my story out in the world. If you have any comments questions or anything else I would love to hear them.

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