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I’m a twenty four year old nudist, and my brother watched me touch myself

I’m a twenty four year old nudist, well kind of. I’ve never liked wearing clothes so growing up I’d very rarely wear clothes at home. It’s just me and my younger brother and sister (they’re twins) and our dad at home.

My family has never had an issue with me being naked at home until recently. The story goes that I was laying on my bed after a shower and I was touching myself. I’m not exactly quiet either, I hadn’t noticed that my brother was watching me.

He’s seen me naked most of his life but he’s never seen me do anything like that before. I also did not know that he was getting off while watching me, that’s when dad caught the situation.

He gave us both a rather loud talking to and was really quite angry. My brother is only fifteen so I know that kind of behaviour is natural for boys of that age. I don’t see what the issue is. Dad then went to work and my brother and I talked about what happened and he apologized.

Of course I forgave him immediately and told him that i don’t care if he watches, we’ve both seen each other naked countless times so it really isn’t that weird. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.

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