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Fucking ignorant people and their fuckin …

Fucking ignorant people and their fucking bullshit is pisses me off so bad. Like these assholes can’t think or read or write or do anything, god is it’s so fucking frustrating. And espcially the assholes that THINK, emphasis on think, that what they say is fact when actually, it isn’t. Fucking die off already, this world would be a much happier place without you assholes. I didn’t do anything, I read the rules, I am aware of how the rules work, you obviously aren’t and when I happen to become a victim of what your foolish brain tells you to do, I get fucked over and I’m the mad one who’s talking out of pure rage…. Are you kidding me? get over yourself, asshole, you know what you did and you know that you are wrong for you piece of slim. I know what should be done and how it should be done but how you did it, Chris, was fucking against the guidelines and you are fucking lucky that it occured to quickly for me to actually get any evidence and report your ass to HR you little peice of shit.

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