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I lost my virginity to my 5 year old 2nd cousin

My 2nd cousin seduced me and broke my V-card and her V-card at the same time. I confess at the age of 14, a girl of whom I had a crush on seduced me.

When I first met her, I had the biggest crush on her. But she and I had a age difference. She was 5 and a half, while I was 14.

One day we had our big chance, me and her had our alone time together at last. One day while visiting her relatives place. We had our alone time, she introduced her self as Virginia, while I was CJ. i decided to kiss her. Because I thought it was a good idea, nose and her Nose flattened together in our first kiss. That when I found out she let out a loud fart, she pooped herself in front of me. Then she said ” i pooped myself ” she wanted to stay with me, so she took off all her cloths and continued to talk to me, wanting me to touch her bald Vagina.

Then she said to me ” brrrrr, its cold in here, do you wanna keep me warm” as she expected me to get naked as well and rub our Naked bodies together. As we both continued to kiss Nose to Nose. So I did take off all my cloths with her, and we had ourselves a naked party. Since I couldn’t fit inside her. We both had to wait until one year later before we officially broke our Virginity’s together at the same time.


  1. That would have been a nice tight treat.would have covered her in nut.

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