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I got the hotel cleaners to tie me up in a laundry bag

It was in England during the 1950’s and from an early age I had the desire to get into a big canvas laundry bag. At that time they were in very common use. This desire would not go away, but I could not pluck up the courage to ask someone to help me achieve this.

Well it all came together quickly and unexpectedly. In my early twenties I was staying at a small private hotel in a coastal town. One day, in the late morning I went to my room for some reason. I couldn’t believe my luck. The chambermaid had left an empty laundry bag on the floor of my room.

I quickly undressed to my undewear and got into the bag. Unfortunately I was unable to tie it up from inside. While trying to tie the bag, the chambermaid came into the room. She came and knelt down, opened the bag and asked: “What are you doing in a laundry bag?” So I jokingly replied, “I always wanted to be tied up in a laundry bag.” She laughed and said, “I should just tie it up and leave you.” My response was, “Please do.” So she quickly tied the bag and left the room.

Ten or fifteen minutes later she came back with one of the male workers and untied the bag. The man laughed and said, “So what’s it like being tide up in a laundry bag?” I told them I loved it and asked them if they would treat me like a bag of laundry. They both laughed and said they would be happy to oblige.

For the rest of my stay I would go to the laundry room and they would put me in a laundry bag, tie it then dump in the pile of laundry, leaving me there. Sometimes they would turn the light off and lock up. For fun they would sometimes stuff some stinky laundry in the bag. I loved every moment of this treatment. All the hotel staff were laughing at me. They made fun of me and humiliated me. One time after tying me in the bag, they picked it up and threw it on to the pile of laundry then threw more bags on to the pile before locking up the laundry room. I never knew how long it would be before they let me out of the bag. I just loved being humiliated and treated like a bag of laundry.

Now, many years later, I think back on those times and how much I enjoyed those experiences. I masturbate thinking about how they tied me in a laundry bag and made fun of me. I can’t help wondering if anyone today would be happy and willing to tie me up in a laundry bag. Your comments are very welcome.


  1. When I was on my own afterwards, I would relive it while masturbating. It wasn’t anything sexual. I just wanted them to tie me in the bag then be completely at their mercy.

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