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I had sex with my teacher

So this story starts when I was in 7th grade. There was this teacher (Ms. Mehta) who was very sexy and had a very beautiful face. She used to teach social studies. She was married and had one child.

I was constantly jerking off to her in class or in the washroom. She was out SST teacher in 8th too and the jerking continued. In 9th the teachers changed and I didn’t see her anymore.

For my 10th Exams, she was the invigilator and I felt very horny. I jerked of a little bit in class. I noticed that Ms. Mehta was wearing a see through fabric and I could see her bra. I was turned on. She seemed to be acting very flirtatiously. She was constantly asking whether the sun was in my eyes or if it was too hot or too cold.

There was a huge gap between the guy in front of me and my desk. She kept going there and I could see her ass or boobs up close. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was rock solid. I went to the washroom and tried to jerk off to make my dick calm down.

Suddenly she entered the washroom and said, “Got blue balls? I’ll help.” She touched my cock and instantaneously I released a huge load. It was all over her hands and the urinal. She gave me her number and said, “Call me.”

Later that day, it was around 12 noon, I called her and she asked for my address. I gave it to her and she was at my house in like 5 minutes. Very soon we were undressed and on the bed. We were locked in each other’s lips. I let go and made my way down to her boobs.

She had recently given birth and I got some milk from her beautiful boobs. I made my way further down and licked her pussy till she came. She started blowing me and I came in her mouth 7 times. She sat on me and we kept fucking for an hour. We started doing doggy and I came in her pussy. She told me that she was on birth control so I didn’t need to worry so I came in her another time. She said she wanted some cum on her face too so I did so.

We talked for a while and she said she had seen me jerk off in class and she planned to make this happen one day. She told me she had seen me jerk off to Ms. Arya (the English teacher) too and would pass on a good recommendation.

After that day, Ms. Mehta has been taking her online class from my house. She would give some questions to the students and then we would have sex.

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