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Hi, I’m a male 18 year old and the sit …

Hi, I’m a male 18 year old and the situation I am in is this girl doesn’t love me anymore. We had been friends for sometime and about 4 months ago I found out that she loved me. I liked her but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted from her and was too scared to try anything with her, I wanted to kiss her so many times and had lots of opportunities but never quite did it, she quite often complained that I didn’t to kiss her or whatever. Then about 1 month ago i noticed she was flirting with a few other guys, this really hurt me and i realized i loved her back. But she didn’t love me anymore and we argue all the time. I can’t stop thinking about her and really want her to love me back again, she knows this now but says she doesn’t love me back and doesn’t think anything can change that, she says she still wants to be friends though and is scared of losing me as a friend. I hate myself for not trying anything or asking her out while I had the opportunity and very much regret it. You don’t realize what you had until you don’t have it I guess. But I’ve been thinking if she once loved me their must be a part of her that still does and if i play my cards right i might win her back? I need help and tips on what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know I love her now and I would do anything for things to be back to how they used to be and to have another go with her i was so confused 


  1. first and most important, you should reignite your friendship doing whatever you two like to do together 😉

  2. Dude, I feel like I wrote this story, as EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. I just was not ready for SEX at the time, and neither were/are you. Later you will be and the world will be fine.
    In my story, which I never wrote on any site 6 months after the girl broke up with me because I was too slooooww for her, she was pregnant !
    Obviously she found someone much faster than me.
    I realize now being older she was not such a prize, and I’ve had lots of girlfriends so I can compare. So chill out, keep your self respect and don’t be her little lap dog as she is done with you as far as a real relationship goes. Get youself another girl, there are lots out there.
    Best of Luck to you !

  3. Life is a field. We are the flowers that grow in that field. There are billions of flowers. We all share the same field, but no two flowers can become one flower. If you cling to one flower, soon, you will find yourself clinging to a dead flower, or you will have detached yourself from your own roots.

    Life is in constant change. Life is beautiful. Time is endless and our lives are not limited to moments in time. If one learns to let go of the past and also not to anticipate the future, one frees oneself from the shackles of time and expectation. 

    When you share your life with someone, appreciate it. Love without expectations or conditions. If you love someone, love them. however, do not let their lack of love affect you. If this does not make you, happy, do not do it.

    Be Happy. What makes you happy? Truly? Don’t know? Me neither. Let’s find out.

    Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam

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