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i have to get this off my chest! my frie …

I have to get this off my chest! My friends want me to smoke weed and I want to but im scared I might get addicted or someone might find out. What should I do?


  1. beofre doing something, think of the consequences..u scared tht u might be addicted, so u know tht u’ll be addicted afterwards, if ur frnds smoke, it doesnt mean u must too…do u wanna be desperate for smoking, do u wanna feel cravings for tht thing u know how it feels to be depressed after drugs? u’ve seen those ppl’s conditions? if u want to lead a good life, happy life, just don’t  go for a silly mistake tht u’ll regret when ur grown up…
     i will be glad if u follow my advice 
    frm a wellwisher

  2. Stand your ground. In places where weed is legal, it’s considered “uncool” to smoke it. I too have faced a similar situation, but I was in a foreign country and didn’t want to take any chances.

    I know lots of people who have tried it once and got addicted, but a lot of people who also try it, know when to stop.

  3. Weed is just that – a plant which intoxicates you for a short while. “Cool”, “uncool”, these are not things; just imaginary concepts. We all know this, but remember that there are many other things in life that can entertain you for two to three hours. From a social standpoint, don’t see it any differently as turning down an invitation to a movie. If your friends don’t see it this way, they probably have an immature view of weed. Also, using weed can (sometimes) get you a little more paranoid than usual. This has a good chance to really ruin your night; especially if you were already anxious about the whole situation to begin with.
    It’s been a while since your post, so I hope you’re happy with whatever decision you’ve made about this. Just remember to respect yourself (making your own decisions based on how you feel, and not what others want of you) first and foremost. While this is important to your weed decision, it’s actually a rule of thumb for life in general.
    As for the police worries, the smell of burning weed is absolutely unmistakable (more so than cigarette smoke, if you’ve smelled that), so don’t ever do it in public near people.
    Yeah, so there’s some information for you. I’d love to tell you to just be safe and not do it, but then that would just be peer pressure in the other direction (“you MUST do it!”, “you MUST NOT do it”…. Opposite sides of a coin). Stay safe, and all the best to you. 

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