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I paid another girl to have sex with me at school!

I paid another girl to have sex with me!

I was 13 and a ticking sexual time bomb, from the age of 12 I frigged myself off at least once every day.

I was desperate for someone to have sex with me but I was skinny and shy, also I attended an all girls school. I heard rumours about a girl two years above me who would have sex with you if you paid her. She was a loner, and hard as nails so no one messed with her. i

It took me two months to pluck up courage to talk to her. I was walking along a corridor on my own, she was coming towards me, I blurted out “Is it true?” she snarled “Is what true?” I managed to ask if she’d have sex with me if I paid her! She looked at me harshly, then mellowed, Thursday meet me on the …. corner right after school.

Thursday after school I met her and followed her to her house, she led me upstairs to her bedroom where she told me her prices for doing stuff to me, discounted if I did stuff to her. I went for the full repertoire as it was cheaper than I thought and I was nervously excited.

She pushed me back on her bed and her tongue explored my mouth and like magic my shirt was undone, my bra pushed up and she was squeezing my breasts.

She then began licking and sucking my nipples while her hand ran up and down the inside of my legs teasing my pussy.

Suddenly her hand went inside my pants I was so horny as her fingers went inside me I orgasmed.

She didn’t stop and soon my pants were off, she pushed my legs open and began licking my pussy, until I had another massive orgasm.

She stood up and asked what I was going to do to her, she smiled as she saw how bewildered I was, she removed her pants and lay down with her legs open “just lick me” she said and opened her pussy wide with her hands.

I had never looked at another pussy before, I stared at it for a while building up courage, “Go on” she said and I shut my eyes and went for it.

It was not what I imagined and my tongue explored her soft moist flesh and she guided me until she eventually orgasmed.

I stood up and straightened my clothes, there was an awkward silence as I put my pants back on. I paid her the money and left. Shortly after she left the school and moved away. I had a bit of a fling with other girls until boys came on the scene but that was my first sexual encounter and it will always be the most exciting sex I’ve ever had.

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