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What happens in Scouts, stays in Scouts

I was 15, went to an all boys school and was in the boy scouts.

A few months before I had heard a couple of classmates talking, one said he used to put his penis in warm water, then cold, then warm and it felt like someone sucking your dick.

I had never imagined anyone sucking you and started wanking just thinking about it. (the warm and cool water doesn’t work!)

Some of used to go to the scout hut during the school holidays just to hang out. There were a few of us in a store room and one lad was being really annoying, so we grabbed him and pulled his pants down revealing his little dick.

He was really upset, pulled up his pants and stormed out. I said I don’t know why he got so upset as we are all the same and dropped my pants.

I was hard but in an instant I’d pulled my pants back up, all the lads laughed. Gradually the lads went off to do other stuff and it was just me and Keith, he asked if he could look at my dick again so I dropped my shorts a little so it popped out.

He asked if he could touch it, tempted as I was, I had to be cautious so I told him not here we’d go across the fields and find a quiet place. We went under some bushes and I dropped my shorts and he fondled me so I asked to see his, it was smaller and thinner than mine and I fondled him.

We lay down on the bed of dried leaves and I fondled him again then I just took it in my mouth and sucked, it was like a warm finger in my mouth so I continued for about a minute.

He was really excited about what I had done so it didn’t take much persuasion for him to take me in his mouth. After a minute or so he stopped but I got him to carry on for a while. Eventually I finished him by hand and he then finished me.

We had many more liaisons over the summer and I had similar experiences with two other boys as well but sex education in the 60’s was very vague so knowing you needed lubrication for anal sex and you needed to stimulate intercourse while sucking was lost on us, it was just boys experimenting with a suck and a hand job.

Although happily married for 45years Even now when I’m out walking and get the aroma from old leaves in the undergrowth it takes me back to those summer/autumn days and sexy thoughts of playing with each others dicks and making each other cum.

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  1. When I was in scouts we were on a camping trip and one night 4 of us boys that were sharing a tent got to talking about girls and soon we all were playing with ourselves and I felt someone touch my back and I turned to see the boy next to me had his penis up and was rubbing it on my back so I turned to face him and then I grabbed his penis and started stroking it up and down then he grabbed mine and done the same to mine. I asked him if he wanted me to suck on his and he said yes so I moved down and got it in my mouth and was sucking him when I felt some other thing against my back I opened my eyes and all 3 boys were there with their penises out and they were putting them near my face so I started taking turns sucking one then another. One boy started to rub my butt and then he was behind me and was trying to get his penis to go into my butt I told him to spit on his penis to help it slide in and he did and he pushed the whole thing up in me. The other boy came up and I started to jack him off at the same time. They All came at the same time and I licked all their cum. They took turns being the slut that whole week and the last night we got caught by the troop leader who then made us suck him and he made me get on his penis and ride him until he came then he made the other boys lick my butt clean.

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