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I fucked my niece, sister, sister in law, and best friend.

Here is every story on how I did it.

Let’s start of with my niece.

One night when I was fourteen I stayed at my brother and sister in laws house. Very nice place, not the biggest but was a nice place.

My brother was out of the house while my sister in law was working from home. They had asked me to watch my niece while they were busy and I was quick to agree saying as I’ve always thought of my niece sexually.

I had just put her to sleep and was going to my bed as well, I start dozing off when I hear a knocking on my door, it’s my sister in law. She walks in and thanks me for putting my niece to sleep and taking care of her for a while.

I couldn’t tell at the time that she was drunk, but she walked over to my bed and started taking off her shirt, she took off her bra and I got a huge 6 inch boner.

She starts playing with her tits and asks if I like what I see. I say yes in pure shock as she unties my shorts and pulls them down, she starts jerking me off as I take off my shirt, she takes off her shorts and tosses them on my bed, she’s not wearing panties.

She jumps on my bed and sits on my dick, it doesn’t go all the way up.

She takes it out of her pussy and puts it in her ass. It goes all they way in as she screams in pain and joy. She starts bouncing up and down on my dick as I feel like my dick is going to explode, I tell her I’m gonna explode and she takes it out of her ass and back in her pussy.

I blow my load. I had just impregnated my sister in law.

She falls off to the side of me and says that’s the best sex she’s ever had.

I start kissing her and cover her up with my blankets as she falls asleep, I get off my bed, grab my backpack and go over to my nieces room to make sure she’s still asleep, she is.

As my dick is no longer hard I decided to go up to my sister in laws room. I go into her pantie drawer and take all of them, I go into her shorts drawer and take all of them, I go into her leggings drawer and take all of them except for one which I put on myself.

It slightly turns me on knowing they are my sister in laws. I go to her bra drawer and take all of them. I then go to her dirty clothes basket and take all of the clothes except for a pair of panties which I start licking which fully turns me on.

I go back downstairs having all of my sister in laws clothes that turn me on. She’s still asleep on my bed. So I set down my backpack and still have a boner, so I walk over to her, roll her over and start fucking her again, until I remember my niece is also in the house.

I take 164 pictures of my sister in laws naked body (I know it’s that exact amount as I still have them and jerk off to them till this day) I shove a few pairs of shorts in her ass and pussy as I will lick them later.

I walk over to my nieces room and quietly sneak in trying not to wake her. I go over to her and start pulling her shorts down, she has panties on. So I pull those off too, she partially wakes up but instantly goes back to sleep.

I turn her towards me and spread her legs. I slowly put my dick in her, I feel the back of her pussy and she wakes up asking what I’m doing, I don’t answer and start fucking her as hard as I can, I break through the back of her pussy as she screams, I whisper in her ear asking if she likes it and she says it hurts. So I pull out and shove it in her ass making her scream even more.

I fuck her until I’m about to explode in her ass. I pull out and shove it down her throat until she can’t breathe, I say (Swallow it all you little slut, (you are now my fuck doll) and make her swallow all of it, she chokes on the cum so I piss in her mouth making her swallow it all.

I have her lick my shaft clean and pull away from her. I walk back over to her and take off her shirt and steal her shorts and panties she was wearing, I go over to her drawers and take everything like I did with my sister in law. I then stuff it all in my backpack, walk back to my nieces room and wear her not to tell anyone about this.

She says she won’t and tries to go back to sleep. I wake up my sister in law and she’s super confused, I kiss her and lick her pussy until she starts moaning and tell her to clean up as my brother may be home soon. She understands and goes to the bathroom cleaning herself up.

I follow her into the bathroom and take out the shorts I had stuffed in her earlier as I make out with her until I cum once more, I rub my cum on her pussy and kiss her goodbye.

I tell her I have to go and she says, ok my love. Just come back next week and fuck me harder. She winks and I leave calling my mom to come pick me up.

To this day I have fucked my sister in law every week using her as my fuck doll. I am now 21.

Here is how I fucked my sister. One night my parents were out on a date and my sister had just gotten back from a girls night out, I’m 18 and she’s 21 of legal drinking age.

I’m sitting on the couch watching tv, she walks over and sits on the couch leaning over on me. Me and my sister have always had a very good relationship being basically friends over brother and sister.

She starts falling asleep so I pick her up and carry her to her bedroom. She looks so cute and curvy. I thought she would get hot sleeping in clothes as she normally sleeps in panties and a bra.

So I strip her down until she’s naked and toss her clothes in her basket. I had gotten a boner seeing her like that so I tested how asleep she was by saying her name loudly. She was hard asleep. I pull my pants down and start jerking off, I rub my penis against her pussy, I start putting it in as she starts to wake up, she looks down at me and murmers being half asleep.

She falls back asleep and I fuck her slowly making sure she doesn’t fully wake up. I am about to cum as I pull out and cum in her mouth, she wakes up. She looks at me and asks what I’m doing I say that I was admiring her and she says, aww think I’m sexy do you? I say yes as she tells me to lay down next to her, I lay beside her and spoon her until we both fall asleep.

I wake up aroused as she is still there naked and curvy as ever. I shove it in her ass which wakes her immediately, she does a little shreek but instantly starts doing the work for me.

I stretch her ass until I’m about to cum and she takes my dick out and puts it in her pussy. I cum and impregnate her, I ask (What do we do if the parents find out?) and she says (I couldn’t care less we can have kids together. I am now married to her and have 7 kids. Me her and my sister and law like having a threesome every once in a while. My life is great.


  1. You are so very lucky to have had sex with all of them I wish I could come over and spend the night with you all.

  2. i too i would love to have fucked them all in their cunt and cum in their tight asses

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