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I fucked my 14 year old sister.

I am 16 and my sister is 14 ( parents were out for shopping) she was asleep and I kissed her to know whether she is sleeping or not. Hopefully she was asleep. I took her shirt of and started licking her nipples.

I got too nervous. I pulled of her pants and panties. I pushed my hand inside and started rubbing against her pussy. I inserted my finger and started fucking her. She woke up. I was too afraid and she said ‘it is feeling good’ and I kissed her for a long time.

She gave me a small blow job. I started licking her pussy. It felt so good and I was rubbing my dick on her boobs and on her pussy ( she had a big boob). I asked her to give me a blow job again. She gave me once more and this time she almost licked my whole body. It felt so good and I again started licking her pussy and we continue it till date ( now I am 20 and my sister is 18).


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