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I lost my virginity to the local grocery store owner

I lost my virginity to the local grocery store owner. As a child I used to be sent to get groceries with no money, I didn’t know why he would not charge us. As I got a little older he started lifting my skirt or playfully patting my bottom as I walked through the store. One day, my mom sent me there and told me Mr, Pedro wanted to take some pictures of me and I was to be okay with that so we could continue to get free things.

I was so innocent so I accepted, as soon as I walked in he closed the store and asked me to undress quickly. I was confused, he started “helping” me.

I realized the pictures were meant to be of my naked body, so I just stopped fighting it. He took many pictures from different angles and finally started trying to touch my little breasts. I kept trying to block him and repeating I was there for the pictures as my mom had asked, only and he said “Oh your mom knows I wouldn’t want just pictures, she knows what we are doing here”.

He forced me to the floor and told me it was all going to be over quick. He sucked very hard on my little breasts and eventually grabbed my most private parts. I knew it was wrong and I needed to escape but he was fat and heavy on top of me. He asked me to repeat things over and over “I’m a virgin” and “nobody has ever touched me” he also asked me to pretend to be his mom and give him milk from my little nipples. He didn’t enter me, but did have me give him oral many many times and he did also fingered me several times while I lived in that town.

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  1. Very interesting topic, thankyou for putting up. “He who seizes the right moment is the right man.” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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