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My older cousins molested me as kid

My older cousins molested me as kid.

My cousins were all (3) teenagers when I was about 7. They would always bully everyone except me. I was always treated better than my siblings and their sisters.

One day I was left in the upstairs part of the house with the older boys. One offered me chocolate in exchange for letting them see my underwear. I accepted but they made me take all of my clothes off first.

Then they offered me money and toys they had in their room to let them touch me.

I was just in my undies when 1 of them started fondling my flat nipples and butt. They were encouraging each other to feel my body and without asking me they pulled down my underwear. I was confused and tried to pull them up again but when I leaned over the oldest boy grabbed me and lifted me to the bed.

There I was laying down completely naked and confused with a chocolate in my hand. They pulled my legs apart and examined my vagina for a while before starting to touch me inside there.

They were not hurting me only rubbing me softly and kissing it. Then one of them took off his pants and pulled out his penis. He announced to the rest he would go inside me now. He poked around my vagina for a while with no success. Then another one tried he was much rougher and I was in pain as he inserted it inside me fully.

I cried to stop but he told the rest he could not stop now and he continued to forcefully go in and out. The other 2 were very worried about my loud cries but the second he stopped they fought to be next.

We heard steps and they tried to dress me quickly but my uncle came in and saw me half naked alone with them he laughed and sat down and gesture to them to continue doing what they wanted to me.

He showed them how to go down on me and he made me put their penis in my mouth. I kept asking to leave the room but all they said was we haven’t all finished yet. All 4 took turns touching but nobody else penetrated me.


  1. Wow sounds like some awesome preteen fun wish I’d been there to duck your little firm plump sexy seven yr old ass

  2. This is heartbreaking. I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope that you work through the trauma. I urge you seak help.

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