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Sex started when I was 12

So I turned 23 this year and I just realized I’ve been having sex for most of my life. It started when I was 12 and I’ve always felt gay so I decided to drop to my knees in the washroom and suck some dick.

It felt so amazing! Soon I moved to a boarding school which just made getting fucked much easier. I was pretty much constantly fucked and I really enjoyed it.

Every morning I was woken with a glass of cum (for the estrogen) and then proceeded to get fucked in the shower before heading out for classes.

I was living my life! When I was done with school I started working as a coffee boy (girl) and my boss would constantly call me the boy who liked playing dress up as I would wear “girl’s” clothes every day.

For my performance review he called me in and said that I was doing horribly and the gist is he wanted me to have sex with him. I really enjoyed his giant cock and the giant paycheck that came with it.

So, yeah… I’m 23, get fucked and get huge paychecks without even going to college…

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