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I was once in the Main Train Station in …

I was once in the Main Train Station in Amsterdam, Holland, passing through after having just purchased a really nice warm bomber jacket for the winter. Some guy was yelling something at everyone and I saw him dump some liquid on himself from the top of his head and it all dripped down his body, and then he took out a match and lit himself on fire. I ran to him right away, through my new jacket on him after knocking him down and kept patting him all over. When I lifted the jacket off him a little, it was so hot that the fire would recombust and I had to put him out all over again. Nobody ever knew it was me that did it. I walked away and heard about it on the news.

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  1. Saying those words should make you feel nothing but proud. That modesty and that extremely random act of kindness, you being someone’s saviour, giving their life a second chance, should make you nothing but proud. We need more people like you in the world.

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