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When I was 5 years old I was put into Fo …

When I was 5 years old I was put into Foster care with my 7 year old brother and my 10 year old sister. At age 6 I was separated from my brother and sister. At age eight I was put into a treatment center called the namaqua center. It was there that I was told by my older sister that no one knew who my dad was. After that I was moved to a home that was going to adopt my and they ended up telling my that I was so much stress that they will never want to adopt another kid again.  At 10 I was put into another adoptive home. Their names were Peter and Beverly these people practicaly saved my life I was adopted by them at age 11. When I was going for my second go around in sixth grade at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy I came out to my whole sixth grade class. Two of my best friends wrote these letters to me that were from a boy that didn’t even exist. I learned words I had never even heard of until that day like masturbate. My mom fond them in the trash ripped up she put the pieces and showed my principal. And he said that they would get punished for it but they never did. I was the outcast of the whole school after my true best friend Kristina left at the end of 7th grade. In the summer before 8th grade my parents began to adopt my little brother Josh.  When he started going to my school he was always in trouble so much that he didn’t even remember what he was in trouble for. At age 17 I was put back into Foster care for neglect. I wanted time go home so bad that I ran from every place they put me in. I asked my gal what would happen on my 18th birthday and she said “you get a cake” when was 18 I fell down 25 foot man hole. And have been single ever sense.  And at 21 I was I came back to my biological family with my sister and now my sister hates my because I’m gay. I get yelled at for leaving for one hour. I run out of ssi money by the 5th of every month. Because my aunt keeps raising my rent price my sister is always trying to set me up with guys that will force themselves on me.  Just Cuz I smoke with the old Mexican that lives with and he tried to feel up on me when he was drunk and make me commit to five year relationships with him. And I just get told that i lead him on. And I can’t leave Cuz I have nowhere to go not to mention I have been rejected by every that I have liked for four years straight and my biological mom refuses to tell me who my real dad is and still chooses getting laid by a sexoffender over her kids.

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  1. It’s ok that your gay it’s ok that you’ve made mistakes all these things are ok you will be ok God loves you please be strong 

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