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I m 20. I had never fallen in love? …

I m 20. I had never fallen in love with anyone or never hanged out with a guy. But on Jan 9th, I started talking to a guy on Facebook who is in my family relations..we carried on nicely with treating each other very special all the time. Then I was in home in my semester breaks on Feb 1st, I went back to Bangalore for my final semesters. Everything was going good. He use to talk to me as if he ll marry only one person me. But he cheated on me as after that he started speaking to his ex and started ignoring me. Now he is telling me to forget all those things. What should I do? I love him a lot


  1. Just let him go away we can’t bond any1 into our life’s .. wen he had anything for u he will b der on his knees to u.. its true just stop thinking about the things happens  if hez ua’s he will be there.

  2. Let him go, i know it may be hard but do you wanna’ go through that pain again? is it worth it all for one guy ?

  3. It sounds like he confused and unsure of what he wants in life. Separate from him now, no matter how hard it is. Fight your feelings with logic. Give him space to grow as a person and if you love him and he loves you, when the time is right and when he’s done some growing things will work out. If you stay with him now, it will only be detrimental to your relationship. 

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