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I feel like I’m falling apart. Nothing …

I feel like I’m falling apart. Nothing is going my way. It’s like the world is trying to crush me. I feel shattered, and that’s worse then being broken because being broken means that there’s a chance you can be fixed. But not me. A month ago I found out my girlfriend was raped at the age of 4. It kills me to know she’s been hurt that way. A friend of mine died this year, March 25th, 2015. I feel so dead, lost and there’s so much pain in my heart. I’m crying my eyes out everyday now. Everything makes me sad, it’s hard to be happy and stay happy. My best friend is going through a hard time and I’m dying inside because I can’t keep him safe, I can’t leave the country to go see him and let him know in person that I love him. My friend is talking about death and says he wants to die. I don’t kno what to do. The school years is almost up and over the summer I won’t get to see him because my parents won’t let me. I don’t want him to hurt himself over the summer with no one there to stop him. I’m failing 4 classes and there’s only 9’days of school left. I think I am going to fail. I just – I don’t know what to do. I see cars coming my way and I want to jump in front of them. Someone, anyone, please help me.

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