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Why do I regret only one thing in my lif…

Why do I regret only one thing in my life:
In the past, especially in childhood, I was rejected by the society in school, in other worlds, bullied. Yes, I know I’m not the only one like this, and I am not here to outpour my ridiculous emotional heart! I’ve been though quite many situations, I changed school seven times, I met many people – people who were my friends, who betrayed me, and another, who still are my friends, I met beautiful faces who I fell in love with and who I hated in the same time. I had to cope with gossip and hatred, with false smiles and ignorance.
In the end, everything was just okay. Now, it is just the ‘past’, a black title, carved in a reverse side of my mind.
I do not regret making many, many mistakes, asking stupid questions to cover my anxiousness, saying stuff at the wrong time and place, missing chances of whatever.

However, I regret this one little thing:
When I was about 11 y. old, I went on one concert of a classical music. My mother is a musician and she plays in orchestra, so it was quite an usual event for me. Yet I loved the piece and I listened to it with my whole heart. I’d looked at the conductor who was waving with his hands, totally captured by the ocean of music. After the performance, I waited for my mom at the backstage.
Suddenly, the conductor came to me, handing me a big, beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I was so surprised and amazed, and in the same time very shy. It seemed to me unpolite to take the bouquet that he was giving to me.
‘It was his performance and he deserved this bouquet, why would he give it to me then?’ I asked myself.
After a while, he ‘gave up’ giving it to me, and so one lady (who was sitting near to me) took it with the highest pleasure.
Then, my mom came and she spoke a bit with the conductor. My thoughts were somewhere else by that time though. I was feeling a dreadful regret and I tried not to cry. The lady was enjoying bouquet, probably not even thinking about that it was made for the conductor.
And I was so sad!
Later, my mom told me, that while the conductor was performing, he saw me and my admiring expression in the face, so he decided to reward me for it.
The end.
So, that’s my story. That’s the only one thing that I regret.
I regret not taking the bouquet.

And that’s why I decided to become so rich and successful, so I can get hundreds of beautiful bouquets and I will not be embarassed for that, because I will have my own performances!
And maybe one day, I will be handing a bouquet to you.

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