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I’m a Moroccan moved to New Zealand a f…

I’m a Moroccan moved to New Zealand a few years ago. Moving and leaving abroad is something that I dreamed about in age of 12. My dream fulfilled just on the right time. At first thing were very hard to adapt the new place. Worked so hard and went tough a hard time to establish and build a sweet home in such an amazing country like NZ. People super nice, great land skip, things after a while got so much better even missing family and friends and home was something that I have always suffered off. Lost a very a good friend on this journey who was so important to and who helped me heaps to get here it was so hard to accept tho. Made mates, home, job, everything stared to work perfectly. But reason I’m sharing my story is because what I’m about to talk about on the next few lines, on my last week of deciding to go and see family.

I Meet this stunning a girl who I fall so deeply in love with her. I was out for last weekend drinking. Standing in a bar alone and this a group of people stood beside me. The minutes they did I notice that it was this amazing girl that didn’t then she my true love, and we mean to meet. Anyway she started talking to me we had a good conversation, dance, and got offered to finish drinking at franco’s house her best friend. I agree too. Got home I was so uncomfortable so decided to go and have asleep home since it was getting tried, took ally phone number but we never thought that it not last time we see each other’s.

After awhile I texted her we stared to text just every now and then. Went out and meet her for drinks after a month since the first meet if not longer. We liked and started going out more. Soon after I asked her to be my girl in a text she smiled and said yes. Was so good, things were good between us and we were happy couple. I took her on amazing date she was so impress and I was happy proud of my self, we stared to love each other so much that I couldn’t handle her away in ozi for a week with Sarah, got back again we stated to fight but love took over and sort the things out, I had to see my family means had to go for a months with out her so disparate to visit mum. She didn’t like the idea of me going along so in month she worked so hard and made the impossible possible for true love we have. Flew to Morocco excited trip started happy but turned to nightmare. I was getting angry and apparently not showing love but I loved her everyday more then I have ever loved someone . Culture, religion, effected so much but I take the blame, relationship went down hill she deserve more. But never had any bad attention I love to pieces. She was lonely, sad, missing the love that I always had but couldn’t express it in a manner to stop what I’m about to say. All my fault, we got back hoping to save our relationship but returning to NZ and me having the idea in my head that my mum had cancer never new about till last week of trip causes stress and anger. Lived with her lovely mum Helen cos we were our of money till we get on our feet but didn’t last long until I got angry feel I was unwanted and my girl to busy playing games and won’t give any attention so sad, I run away to Auckland she have try to stop me but I was confuse and not sure what to do. During my stay in Auckland I realise made huge mistake and I could live with out her but she was hurt that started to think I’m not worth. I begged her to love me back I write heaps but I received cold responds and that destroy me and killed my sole I understood what she was going though in Morocco I was so so sorry and I want to do anything to fix the damage. I surprised her by going back to Christchurch were we live and with my last money I got her flours and card says marry me, texted back few hours latter we arrange to meet up for drink and talk gave me a big faith for getting her back I live her so deep. We meet up and she said that I was horrible and I cried in the cafe. I couldn’t handle that. But I ask her to look at me and tell me either to work way or she still loves me. She said that she love me and give me a list if things that I do wrong and upset her but is my last chance. So glad and happy for that. I appreciate it so much I promise her I change and going with process hoping to won the trust love back. Can’t live with out her. I never do anything to piss her off. Hope one day shall say I love you Hicham.

My story stops here and thanks for reading .Please tell me what I should do I need to save this relationship .sam hicham el moutaouakkil is my facebook please if like my story share it on facebook:-) never give up for you true love.

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