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The story of my life starts just when I …

The story of my life starts just when I was a little girl. I used to pee my bed almost everyday for months, it will be embarrassing and the worst thing was that my mom will scream at me, hit me almost every time. I try, I really try not to pee but I couldn’t. When I was 9 my mom find out that my cousin was raping me. She ask my brother and he say it has been happening since I was 5. She took me to the doctor and she will talk to me saying to “trust her ” and To “count with her”. Fake. She scream and hit me for something that wasn’t my fault . Why should I trust her?? What I never told anyone was, he wasn’t the only one but 2 more of my family member and one best friend of my parent rape me too. (that’s a secret I still keep with me till now). When I was 15 I finally had a boyfriend but guess what? She didn’t like him so we started to fight, my mom and I. And one day she slap me in the face . Later that day she came to tell me if I get pregnant she will throw me out the house. (But guess what mom I never had sex with him ) she always thought the worst about me. When I was 18 my dad got deported and my mom didn’t support me to go to college, she gave everything to my brother till now to pay for school, books, rent, and cook for him (he’s 25). When I was 19 I stared working. My life was good, saving money for my future but guess what happened a tornado was coming I meet a guy the first two months was good later he started to hit me grab my hair and clean the floor with me, he will choke me throw my head against the floor the fridge he will kick me for 2 1/2 years. Yes I try to get my mom to help but she believe him more than me. A couple of months ago I found out that he wanted to prostitute women and that he had sex with whores. He told me that he love me and he wasn’t going to lie anymore. Again fake. Im 22 years old I dont have any family I dont have a choose so I’m still leaving with him.

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