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My name is Aria and 6 months ago an Ital…

My name is Aria and 6 months ago an Italian restaurant opened in my town and were desperately seeking waitresses. I called up and applied and soon found out it was 2 Chefs, father, Carlo and son, Elio and the daughter, Emilia was running the front of house staff. These three people owned it, so I was told and I was happy to take the job. On my first shift I met the son and was blown away by his beauty, I instantly clicked with him and he even laughed when I dropped a pizza on a customer.
A month later filled with constant chatting and flirting, I needed a ride home after we finished early and Elio kindly offered. When we neared my house he suggested we get some food before going home and one thing led to another then we kissed. We weren’t looking for anything serious because he worked 7 days a week doing 15hour shifts so we’d be night owls but I just kept falling more and more for him and a couple nights later we met again and we kept meeting up every couple nights.
We spoke about telling people, but by this point I was working with his Dad and Sister which was so awkward and I didn’t want them to hate me, but by this point pretending at work that I didn’t love him was so hard.

We were closed for the bank holiday coming up and got a hotel together where I lost my virginity to him and he asked me to be fully his. A few months later we still hadn’t told anyone but I was suddenly rushed to hospital and he refused to not come with me which made everyone so suspicious and when I got out, we decided to tell his father and sister who were so overjoyed.
Last week he finally worked out a roster where he gets a few days off a week and we are planning a holiday so although our situation at first was hard, spending most of our time together in his car with take out, we’ve ended up in the most amazing place where we can go to each other’s houses or go out to dinner without worrying who sees. We are so happy together and today is our 6 month mark, which I’m proud of. I love you Elio, forever.

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