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It hard not to forget the past

People call me Visha. It hard not to forget the past especially when you had a huge group of friends. Life has change so much and things will never be the same again. I fell in love a couple of times and once when I was alone in apartment the heart break was unbearable and unbelievably painful. I’ll never be the same. I was alone and heard voices but there wasn’t anybody there. I didn’t shower and didn’t eat. I was going through psychosis. When my mother came back from work she saw the mess and thought I should see the doctor. I was in denial and thought I was psychic. AFTER A COUPLE OF VISITS I was diagnose with schizophrenia. During that time I was 19 in 2011, I took a holiday and then went back to study. It was difficult because everytime I spoke I put my hand on my mouth. Eventually I went through psycho therapy which helped and brought me almost back to normal and I had graduated with the push of many people because it was struggles. I went through daycare and then back to study again, fail Sunway university but passed my bridal exam and jewellery. I became better in 2014 when I started coming out of the closet and I launched my book based on my true story. I started public speaking until now. I also started my own company and as well as teaching young kids. I hope to become a very well known public speaker. My aim is share my story with others. I have not healed but I just distract myself from sinking in. There are still times when I talk to myself or cry but there are days I’m highly functional. I hope to inspire others. I keep fighting after many relapse because I feel I have a lot to offer to the world and others I’m not giving up.


  1. You are such a strong person. You are on your right path and I believe you will achieve anything you wish in your life. All you need is support. I truly believe that it is fantastic what you are doing. You are giving the right example, hope and much needed understanding to so much people. Keep going.. of course there will be ups and downs but don’t let the ‘downs’ to hold you back.

  2. Visha, I’m very happy and proud of u. What u are doing will bring an awareness for those who are still indenial. As u teach the younglings and others u yourself will discover more about u and the purpose of your journey.
    This is a right move. Keeps it going.
    Enjoy this beautiful journey. God Bless U

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