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Ok so the weirdest thing in the world happened…

Ok so the weirdest thing in the world happened to me today. About 2 weeks ago, I made a small fire down by my lake where I fish. And decided that I should put it out, as I was going to quit fishing soon, and wasn’t going to be able to supervise the small fire. Now let me tell you this was a very small simple fire. I filled up a 5 gallon bucket with lake water, and dumped it onto the little fire. I did this twice to assure the fire was out completely. 2 weeks later, (today) me and my son decide to go fishing. As I pass by the small spot where the fire once was, I stare at it and I think to myself, “sure would be neat to have that fire going”, now this Is where things get really weird, and I simply cannot explain what happened. Just after I produced this thought, I was helping my son bait his hook,and he yells “dad!” “the fire is going!” and I turn around and sure enough that Damn fire is smoldering with hot coals and appears as if it had been going for hours. There were no kindling underneath the logs and we had fished next to it for 2 weeks and fire had been out completely! It just makes no sense!!! I don’t understand and I can’t get this out of my head! I took the small log and tossed it into the lake and dumped another 5 gallon bucket on the remains.. Remember it had been out for 2 long weeks, I had Sat next to the remains day in and day out days afterwards and that Damn fire was out! How the Hell does this happen!

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