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From the moment I was born I knew I was…

From the moment I was born I knew I was different. Or sometime after that I slowly came to realize that my views for the world and how I felt for other things set me apart. For example my view on suicide how can I be mad at someone who is so sad they want to be gone and want to be happy with heavenly father? Isn’t it a human right to pursue happiness? But at the same time should you stay not to hurt the ones you love but only to be miserable? I’ll be honest I’m very young and look it. I am frequently underestimated by appearance and assumed life experience. In truth I have had to grow up a lot in a short time and no one seems to see that. I used to lie about my family problems and self constantly but nowadays I just live my life in my head. My final message to you? Please don’t judge by appearance for that child may indeed be your elder thank you.

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