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In my 14 years existence I can’t feel the love

In my 14 years existence I can’t feel the loved I want. I know my parents hated me so much. My family hated me so much, My aunts, My Uncles and even my granny they hated me so much as if I killed a person. Since I was 5 I tell to myself that they loved me that’s why they always hitting me but later I realize that they hated me so they always hit me they always as I grow older I find myself happy but not that happy. I laughed at my friends jokes I don’t have any person or bestfriend that I can say my feelings what I feel. Then the story goes my mommy and daddy separated, my mom had to work abroad just to support us here. Me and my sibling left by our granny and auntie’s my aunt told me one time that’lI hope you just died and never be born on this earth!’ I was only 9 years old when she fucking told me that years and years I found myself still loving and still caring for them my granny always hit me she always slap me and she even says that ‘You’re a daughter of the devil’ or ‘You’re the wife of satan!!!’ I always feel that I don’t belong in their family as I say I can’t share my feelings to my friends or in my family. I just have me myself and I.

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