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Since I moved school from primary

Since I moved school from primary to secondary I lost all my confidence I use to feel brave, smart and pretty but now I feel like sh**. I feel fat, ugly unpopular and different. Since I moved to secondary every girl is pretty skinnier and better in every way possible. I feel like all my friends turned away, I feel left out, everyone is in a relationship and I never had a boyfriend. People pick on me because of who I am, I’m different to everyone else in size, looks and nationality. I’ve been asked out on Instagram boys saying I’m pretty and skinny but when I see them in real life they don’t like me anymore. When some one makes me feel special one day the next the make me feel cr**. Everyone thinks I’m happy and bubbly but that isn’t the truth I don’t trust anyone, and I can’t tell anyone how I feel even my mum. When ever I’m out with my friends I compare them to me because they are all mainly skinner and prettier but when I’m at home on my own I feel lonely and unhappy. I just want to be on my own all the time but my house is packed and I get no privacy I have to share a room and there’s no place in my house where I can just sit down and cry. I use to be a quiet girl but recently I started drinking and smoking I never wanted to even try those things but some how they make me feel… better? That’s not really the word I can’t describe it. It’s like I forget the pain whilst I do those things. I feel like I want to kill myself but I don’t have guts to do so, I just want to feel happy again! Can anyone help me?

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  1. I know how you feel when I was sitting in class one day when i did my hair all special I heard two friends talking one girl said “look at that girls hair” and the other girl asked “which one” the girl responded almost instantly with “the fat girl” and that hurt me I know she did not mean to isult me be thats the first thing that people think when they look at me. I have had alot of dissapointment in my life and I never know how to tell anyone and even if i did its not like anyone would listen. When I hear people say things like that I dont feel anything. Because I know what they say doesnt matter. Even if I think that myself. Ruining your body by smoking and drinking won’t help you in the future istead of doing those things go for a run and make your body better maybe find a place where you can run to and be alone and let it all out since you can’t do that at home. And also know if you feel like you cant talk to anyone even your mum you can talk to me because I know how you feel.

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